Emergency Info Wallet Cards for Auto Body Shops

Emergency Info Wallet Cards for Auto Body Shops

When someone is in an auto accident, they may need help, whether it's the police, fire department, or a tow truck. They might also need auto body or collision repair assistance. A simple but important way to help your customers is to provide the phone numbers they need in case of an accident.

What to Include

Create a wallet card with the phone number(s) for your local police and fire department on it. You can also add the phone number of any towing companies you work with - and your own shop's contact information as well.

You can also leave blanks for them to add their own numbers, such as their insurance company or insurance agent.

Consider including the following numbers:

  • local police department (non-emergency)
  • county sheriff
  • fire department
  • towing company
  • your auto body shop
  • blank spaces for them to write in

Where to Put the Cards

When you finish a repair, be sure to leave two or three of these cards in the car. Your customer can give one to their spouse or a friend. They'll likely place the card in their glove compartment, console, or wallet so they'll have these numbers handy if they need it.

You can also keep some of these in a business card holder at your front desk, or include them with your customers' receipts.

Emergency Info Wallet Card for Auto Body Shop
Example Emergency Info Wallet Card for Auto Body Shop

How to Get Your Emergency Info Cards Designed and Printed

If you work with a local printing company, they can easily design these for you. If you want a unique, custom design, this is a good way to go.

You want to design these at business cards size, so that they're inexpensive to print. You might even decide to include a design on the backside, so you could put all the emergency numbers on one side, and your logo and contact info on the other.

If you want to try and design your own, you can always head to Canva or a similar design tool. Canva will let you start from scratch or use one of their many templates to get you started. I've even created a very rough card template you can use as a starting point.

When it's time to print your card, your local printing company can handle it, as well as office stores, like Staples. If you use Canva, you do have the option of printing the cards through them.

Lastly, you can try an online printing company such as Vistaprint or MOO. Vistaprint is typically the economical choice, especially if you have a coupon code. MOO on the other hand prints really nice, thick premium cards that are more expensive, but make a classier impression.

Final Thoughts

Creating and handing out Emergency Info Wallet Cards to your customers is an inexpensive, subtle detail to show your auto body shop’s customers that you care.

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Emergency Info Wallet Cards for Auto Body Shops
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