Create Email Signatures for Your Auto Body Shop

Create Email Signatures for Your Auto Body Shop

An email signature is a block of info that gets added on to every email you send. These can be text only, or can include “rich” info, such as graphics, links, or Calls-to-Action (CTAs).

Luckily, you don’t have to stick with whatever your email software recommends. 

Why Do I Need an Email Signature?

Example email signature for Auto Body Shop
An example email signature

A nice signature makes your company look more professional, while also providing useful information to the recipient of your email. You can create a customized email signature to include extra contact information such as:

You can even create multiple variations to use for different situations, such as when you’re emailing an insurance company instead of a customer. For example, when emailing a customer, you might include a message about detailing services, but when emailing local insurance agents, you might include a link to the Continuing Education class you’re sponsoring.

How Do I Create an Email Signature?

To create one for yourself, you can sort of piece these together using Outlook or Gmail’s built in signature tool. That’s easy if you just want to include plain text. But to simplify the process and add links and images, you can try Hubspot's Signature Generator Tool, WiseStamp, or any number of free and paid tools out there. 

Most of these present you with a form to fill out, and a live preview of how your signature will look. 

Hubspot's Signature Generator Tool
Hubspot's Signature Generator Tool

Email Signature Tutorial Video

I find Hubspot’s tool to be very easy to use, so in this video demo, let’s jump in and see how Hubspot’s Signature Generator works.

Consistent Signatures for Your Entire Shop

If you want to create consistent signatures for your whole team, there are tools that can do that too. If your shop uses Google Workspace or Office 365 for your email, you can look at Signitic or Exclaimer, but you’ll probably need your IT department or partner to help set that up. These tools let you create signatures that automatically filter down to your team members and make all your signatures look consistent across the company.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, if you want to improve the way your shop’s emails look, use one of these tools to create your own email signature. Sometimes the little details make a difference!

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Create Email Signatures for Your Auto Body Shop
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